Step back before the league begins (1-5)

CE Seagull BDN lost (1-5) in the last pre-season test against a RCD Espanyol B that dominated the match. The badaloninas had a good start, with several recoveries on the opposite half that they could not turn into goals. The white-and-blue, on the other hand, took advantage of the ball circulations to create clear chances. At the half time, Espanyol B won 0–2, with one penalty kick and a far shot that surprised Ivette.

In the second half, where the game’s pace was lower, the ‘periquites’ extended the lead to 0–4 before Mar scored Seagull’s only goal. Yosse had two very clear chances to score another one, but it was eventually Espanyol B who found the net once again.

Next Sunday the league begins. The ‘gavines’ will play at home against CD Riudoms.