CE Seagull

Club Esportiu Seagull BDN was founded in 1993 by Mr Ricardo Carneado Esteban, alongside with a large group of collaborators who were part of the Unió de l’Esport Badaloní athletics. It was initially created as an instrument to help people who, without previous experience, wanted to start a sports project. In July 1997, a group of female athletes asked Carneado, who was their coach, to play a football match to celebrate the end of the season. They found a rival to play and they won 6-2. From there, they combined athletics and football, and in the first year they were school champions.

In the 1998/99 season they left the athletics to focus on football, and participated for the first time in a Catalan Football Federation league. Champions of the 2nd Regional Divsion in the same year, Seagull has since grown in number of players with a great deal of effort and against the setbacks that many women’s teams of the time suffered. A progress in both youth football and first team, which in the 2013/2014 season was promoted to Second Division, where for five seasons it was one of the strongest teams in the category, despite not gaining the award for promotion to First Division.

Throughout its history, Seagull has also been defined by its social character and collaboration with the community, joining the organization of various activities for the city. It also highlights the implementation of the ‘Gavina Solidaria’ programme, a project of internal scholarships so that any girl who wants to play football may do it without economic issues being an obstacle.

Our values


I treat other people as if they were yourself. I tolerate differences and I accept other people opinions, even if they don't match mine.

Team spirit

I know that the benefit of the team goes before the benefit of myself. I help my teammates whenever they need it.


I look after myself. I know the rules and I accept them, I know my strengths and I boost them, I discover my improvement areas and I improve them. I have healthy living habits in line with the practice of sport.


From the moment I join the team, I take the obligation to attend all of their activities so that the group can function properly.


I know I can always improve if I have the will to do it. I give the maximum of myself to every practice and game, because that benefits the team's growth.


I compare my performance with what I had done yesterday and not with others. I am the example of what I ask to others and I accept the comments from coaches and teammates.