A first big win (5-1)

CE Seagull BDN get the first win of the season in a 5–1 win over Rayo Vallecano B. The ‘gavines’ completed ninety very good minutes with the only black spot at the start of the second half.

On the first clear chance for Seagull, Frochoso signed the first goal of the match. The wing completed a counterattack led by Aina Sararols to score the 1–0. The team coached by Pol Fernández dominated the pace of the match, and Aina and Judith Mirón had chances to extend the lead before the break.

However, on the beginning of the second half, was Rayo B who sent the ball to the bottom of the net, in an action where it lacked intensity from the badalonines. The stage was the same as in the first two games, but this time Seagull reacted fantastically and in four minutes the score went from 1-1 to 4-1. Frochoso made the second, Mirón celebrated her first start with the third goal and Codina finished a cross on the second post to sign the fourth.

From there, the ‘gavines’ played with pleasure and could have achieved more goals, but the lack of success prevented it until the last play of the game. Neus, from inside the box, scored the final 5-1.

After Seagull’s first win of the season, the badalonines will visit an always difficult field. On Sunday at 17:30, the ‘gavines’ play the second away game against Fontsanta.