A necessary win (4-2)

CE Seagull BDN suffered until the end, but achieved a vital win (4-2) against Son Sardina. Goals from Frochoso, Aina, Xènia and Mar gave the ‘gavines’ much-needed three points before the bye week.

The game started in an unbeatable way for Seagull, who took the lead in the 6th minute. Frochoso collected a rebound inside the area to open the scoring. But the badalonines missed clear opportunities to extend the advantage, and the score did not change before half-time.

In the restart, Son Sardina equalized with a counterattack (1-1) and, two minutes later, reversed the result with a free kick (1-2). Unlike other matches, this time the ‘gavines’ did not lower their arms, and Aina connected an aimed shot from the box line to tie again (2-2).

And when it seemed that the two teams would share the points, Xènia connected with her head a free kick centered by Gordo to make it 3-2. At the last breath, Mar made the final 4-2.

Vital victory for the team coached by Pol Fernández, who will play again in fifteen days, at the Vila-real B field.