A point in the league debut (1-1)

CE Seagull BDN failed to get more than a point in the league debut against Riudoms (1-1). The Badalonines made a big start, and in this first minutes they scored. Aina Sararols, from the left, finished a good collective play to score the first goal of the season.

Pol Fernández’s team started well, but in an isolated action in the opening development of the game, Laura Mas drew a powerful kick from outside the area to equalize it. From there, Seagull found it more difficult to link passes, and this added to mistakes in decividing how to finish plays deprived the ‘gavines’ of clear chances.

In the second half Seagull reactivated, with two good chances for Mar and Queralt. The final leg of the match was marked by the Riudoms counterattacks, which had three 1v1 plays that Itziar saved. In the last action of the game, Maria Fernández, one of the debutants in official game, could have won it for Seagull, but didn’t finish it right. Apart from Maria Fernández, Neus, Mireia and Cele also made their debut with the blue shirt.

Next Sunday, the Badalonines will visit the always complicated field of Sant Gabriel. The game will be on Sunday at 12:00.