A win to look up (1-3)

CE Seagull BDN get the three points in the visit to Igualada. A victory (1-3) to look up before the Christmas break. The ‘gavines’ resisted the initial attacks by the home team, and took advantage (0-1) with a counterattack involving Codina and Yosse before Aina scored. It was the 45th minute and everything indicated that Seagull would go with advantage to the dressing rooms, but Igualada made the 1-1 in a play where the home players were more insistent. 

Far from doubting, the team coached by Pol Fernández set the tone of the second half from the beginning, when María Fernández fought a ball that seemed lost, Codina was smarter than the defense and Aina scored (1-2) the second of the team and of her private account. The final 1-3 was signed by Alba Gordo from the penalty spot.

With the win, the ‘gavines’ are in a run of four games without losing, with three victories and a draw. After Christmas, Cornellà, in the second place, will visit Estadi de Badalona.